Together we shape the world
we all want to live in

humanistic transformations is founded by experienced consultants for the common good, auditors, strategy experts, organizational developers and specialists.

Through our holistic, value-oriented approach, which combines tools with attitude, we are the reliable partner for the requirements of your sustainable corporate change.

Our core values are the values of the Economy for the Common Good

  • Human dignity

  • Solidarity and justice

  • Ecological sustainability

  • Transparency and participation

We see ourselves as experienced, structured and structuring partners.

We disentangle complexity, analyze the current state and show room for maneuver on all topics of sustainability and the associated individual organizational development. In doing so, we equally act as persons: empathic, activating and orienting.

We see ourselves as a learning organization, daring to do new things, pushing boundaries, triggering aha-effects and opening doors that have not been seen before. In our actions, we convey and experience joy and meaning.

Gerd Hofielen

CEO humanistic transformations

„Mankind has been asleep for a long time, and it is still asleep, lulled in the golden cage of small pleasures with its nearest ones.“ Teilhard de Chardin

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Common good balance – determination of the status quo and selection of strategic options to initiate sustainable and ethical business models
  • Coaching of executives and management teams for strategy implementation
  • Promotion of personal competencies of change agents
  • Identification of contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs / Agenda 2030
  • Industrial clerk
  • Studies in business administration (BA), psychology (MA). Industrial psychologist,
  • Management consultant (self-employed) in MORE Management- und Organisationsentwicklung, Berlin (projects: merger support, executive and team coaching).
  • since 1995 Partner in Discovery Global Consulting, London (Projects: Merger Integration, Cross Cultural Management Development)
  • since 2011 Owner of Humanistic Management Practices gGmbH, Berlin. (Co-development of the Common Good Balance Method, training of Common Good Consultants*).


The Reporting Framework of the Common Good Economy: Transformational Bridge to the Future in CSR and Sustainability Standards, Springer Gabler 2022

Dr. Odette Deuber

„From knowledge to action, learning by doing – with entrepreneurship into a sustainable world.“

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Raising awareness for climate protection, climate and sustainability communication
  • Introduction to climate management: CO2 balance along the value chain
  • Consulting and support for GHG transformation concepts
  • Strategies for anchoring climate protection & sustainability
  • since 2020 CEO of a consulting company supporting medium-sized companies on the way to climate neutrality
  • managing partner in the think tank KlimAktiv GmbH
  • several years of activity in scientific policy consulting
  • Degree in environmental engineering and doctorate in applied climate policy


  • Member of the board of the German Sustainable Business Association (Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V.)
  • Member of the board of Klimakomplizen e.V.

Kathrin Franke

„The moment may come when responsibility for the future makes it impossible to continue to be silent.“ Wilhelm Weischedel

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Employee management
  • Customer Service & Communication
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Strategy consulting and coaching
  • Co-founder and 10 years managing director of a strategy consulting firm with focus on supporting international marketing and product solutions for laboratory diagnostics
  • Degree in business administration and international marketing

Thomas Henne

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Corporate management and development
  • Consulting and support in sustainability management
  • Business management consulting and support (e.g. business planning games linked to ethical business management)
  • Lectures and impulses in corporate contexts (orientation, seminars, training courses)
  • since 2018 freelance consultant, lecturer at DHBW RV and TH Nuremberg
  • since 2019 seat in the board of directors of Stadtsparkasse Bodensee
  • Senior Vice President of a corporate group responsible for activities in the areas of finance, process management/IT, materials management, compliance and controlling
  • Degree in business administration


  • Certified GWÖ consultant

Prof. Dr. Bernd Hümmer

„Problems can never be solved by the same way of thinking that created them.“ Albert Einstein

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Support in the preparation of a common good balance sheet, sustainability reports according to the principles of the economy of the common good (ECG)
  • Support in the value-oriented development path to holistic corporate ethics
  • Method trainer for Pyramid Thinking and structured communication
  • Strategy consulting and coaching
  • Professor for Sustainable Corporate Management at the TH Nuremberg (including research on the Common Good Balance Sheet as an instrument for CSR reporting)
  • Managing director during the creation and development of a business school at the TH Nuremberg
  • many years as senior manager at Roland Berger with focus on international management and marketing strategies
  • Philips-Kommunikations-Industrie AG (later Alcatel-Lucent) responsible for commercial management and strategic corporate planning of an international business unit
  • Degree in business administration in Nuremberg and doctorate (Dr. rer. pol.) at the University of Regensburg


  • Certified GWÖ consultant
  • Member of the German Network for Business Ethics since 1998

Dr. Isabella Klien

„We get to decide every day what impact we want to have on this world.“ Jane Goodall, behavioral scientist

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Meaning- and value-oriented organizational development
  • Accompanying companies in the preparation of balance sheets for the common good
  • Executive coaching in ethical corporate governance
  • Training for employees to raise awareness of sustainability issue
  • since 2000 independent consultant, trainer and coach for holistic organizational development and ethical business management
  • many years of experience as managing director of a public relations agency
  • experience as assistant controller in an international corporation
  • Studies in social and economic science


  • Certified GWÖ consultant and trainer for the “learning path certified GWÖ consultant”
  • Certified Genuine Contact Trainer
  • Author of the book “The Organizational Compass in Coaching and Consulting. Accompanying individuals, teams and organizations holistically, value-oriented and alive”, Beltz 2019.

Michael Pelzl

„How glorious is it, that no one needs to wait one minute to begin to slowly change the world.“ Anne Frank

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Climate protection balances, strategies and implementation concepts
  • Operational energy management and energy efficiency
  • Operational mobility management
  • Preparation and auditing of common good balances
  • since 2016 self-employed management consultant & interim manager
  • Managing director of a state climate protection agency for many years
  • 10 years as plant manager and technical director in the chemical industry responsible for production and maintenance processes as well as operational environmental / climate protection


  • board member of B.A.U.M.
  • certified energy auditor and manager
  • certified mobility manager
  • certified GWÖ consultant and GWÖ auditor

Roland Wiedemeyer

„Sovereign is not who has much, but needs little.“ Niko Paech

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Awareness raising for holistic sustainability issues
  • Training for non-violent communication
  • Business mediation
  • Process support and audits for sustainability reports & common good balance sheet
  • since 2005 working as a management consultant/advisor
  • many years of experience in various management positions in the technical field for large, international companies and small, owner-operated companies in telecommunications and IT industries
  • Education as graduate enginee


  • Certified GWÖ-Auditor, GWÖ-Consultant and Trainer for the “Learning path certified GWÖ-Consultant
  • Business mediator (Federal Association for Mediation in Business and Work)

Eva Kirchner

„If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got.“ Albert Einstein

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Internal Organizational Development
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Education in Economy und Philosophy/Ethics
  • Several years of activity in sales at Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Several years of activity in building up organizational structures at DO Climate GmbH
  • active support of the GWÖ movement

Christina Hopstock

„It’s not your fault that the world is the way it is. It’s only your fault if it stays that way.“ Die Ärzte

My focus at
humanistic transformations:
  • Consulting and support in sustainability management
  • Since 2022 support in the sustainability management of the city of Friedrichshafen
  • Sustainability management of various companies
  • Degree in Green Business Management and Strategic Sustainability Management


  • Certified building energy consultant (eza)